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This is my first post ever and now that I'm fenced I would like to make a suggestion for Mobile Edge feature that is alredy implemented and works, but in my oppinion might be even better.


If you are Mobile Edge user like me you probably know URL bar has the functionality of sliding left or right in order to switch between opened tabs. This URL bar is kinda hard to reach, because it is in the upper corner of the screen. Honestly I do not really use this feature much because it is hard to reach with my finger.


I really like Edge and I use this browser on all devices. I believe scrolling functionality could also be implemented on the bottom bar that serves for navigating pages back and forward. This way it would be much easier to switch tabs in my case. Please let me know what you think about this solution. Would it be nice to have "Web search" button exposed on the bottom bar aswell (because keyboard is down also)?

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Sounds good