Support for positioning a pop-up window on the secondary screen

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In Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge v44, and Mozilla Firefox, it is possible to open a popup window on the secondary screen / and or on the left screen. This scenario is required for all types of enterprise applications that display large amounts of data to provide a consitent and efficient user experience.


In Chromium, this feature was removed and there is now an ongoing discussion since 2012 on this subject. Could someone please take a look at this because right now, it is a major gap of Microsoft Edge v79+ comapered to other major browsers as well as a regression with the previous version of Microsoft Edge before the platform has switched to Chromium.


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Michael Wasserman provides a comprehensive answer here:


The current proposal would enable saving and restoring cross-screen window placements without new APIs, but perhaps gated on a new permission. See the saveOpenWindows() and restoreSavedWindows() example in this section of the updated explainer. Chrome's highly speculative and aspirational time frame is origin trial in M-86 and broader availability in M-89.