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We are longer-term Chrome users but we recently tried Chromium Edge dev. It's life-changing! Just to mention 1 quality: it's amazing how fast Edge is compared to Chrome.

However, there is one really important thing that keeps us from switching to Edge:  the possibility to use Google docs offline.


There is this extension: that allows users to use all their google docs offline. We installed it on Edge but it's not working. Please, please, please, find a way for us to use google docs offline on Edge, we want so much to switch to Edge! 

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@07_19 Glad to hear you are enjoying Microsoft Edge. I'm unable to get Google Docs offline extension to work either.  I will provide feedback to engineers about supporting Google Docs offline. 


Eric E.

@Eric_MS Thanks a lot Eric. If you make it works, we will worship you for the rest of our life. 



Any updates on that?


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Have you tried the instructions at ? It appears the Google extension to use Docs etc offline only wants to work in Google Chrome, but just checks the User-Agent, so if you set up a user-agent switching extension in Edge to report itself as Google Chrome when connecting to etc it should then let the extension to work offline work.

@DavidGB That's super! Thanks a lot!


Just a note: for step 4, open Google drive, clear on the gear, then follow the step 4 image

I'll also just add that that same user agent switcher extension recommended in that post is also available from the Microsoft Edge App store, and it's easy to set it so it only spoofs the Google Chrome user Agent on Google sites like the Google Drive etc sites (open settings, switch to whitelist mode and enter in the whitelist box) but reports you as Edge everywhere else.

@DavidGB Great! Thank you very much!

Thanks @DavidGB, that's really useful. I will just add that it's also possible to enable/disable the whitelist mode by right-clicking the extension icon.