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Hi, I have 2 suggestions. These functions are available in the "Vivaldi" browser which is also based on the Chromium. They are very helpful and only available in this browser.


1. Sidebar



2. Splitscreen


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Thank you for taking the time to offer us feedback, @Tiborius. How often do you use the split screen feature, and why do you find it easier than using multiple windows?

@Elliot Kirk , I use this feature several times a week to watch Stream, to stream yourself and to program.

I find it more pleasant to have it in one tab than multiple windows.


Excuse me if my English isn't the best.

@Tiborius, have you tried the Picture in Picture feature that will allow you to have a video playing on top of any other content? You can get to this control by right clicking a video and selecting Picture in picture.

@Elliot Kirk I do not have this function.


link is not working.

The PIP is working on youtube but not working on twitch.
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