Suggestions for improving tab preview experience

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I see the latest canary has moved tab previews further inside the vertical tab panel, which is better than before and saves space.

But it does look 'off', it is slighltly to the right and appears on top of panel. I get the right side placement is to leave some space so user has some idea of what is down below but it does look off.

My suggestion would be either to intigrate the tab preview fully within the panel or to make a seperate tab strip /preview bar for navigating through previews.

Now for my problem with tab descriptions

1. They are visible twice simultaneously, once in tab panel and once at the bottom of tab preview.
2. The bottom description itself takes less or more space depending on the description and this makes for an insconsistant, jarring experience.

Suggestions :
1. Make the description appear once only
2. If you are choosing to continue with description at the bottom, the text should take less space in the preview. Currently it takes ~30% of the space.
3. The description could be displayed at the top of the preview rather than at the bottom, in a narrow strip the width of the individual tab descriptions in vertical panel. This way it will appear once. Likewise when tabs are presented horizontally the tab strip at the top is either sufficient, and if not so, can be expanded downwards, so the description is visible only once and is not duplicated.

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I also want to only view the tab preview and not the tab title again on preview.
if you haven't already, it would be good to send these feedbacks using feedback button on Edge too, so developers will see them.