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Hey Insiders,


I'm an employee of a 12.000+ company, in fact a hospital. Together with a colleague, we just became members our Windows 10 migration project and have the Teamlead for all business applications, a lot of them are web-based. To talk about some facts:


- 7.000+ fat- and thin-clients

- 50+ Citrix Servers (new farm most-likely on Windows Server 2019 and will be rolling out together with Windows 10)


Currently, we use IE11 as Standard-Browser because a lot of Business Applications rely on it. Now, with IE Mode introduced, there would be a nice option to improve the user experience while still being able to run websites on IE11 or even older document modes. With that being said, I need a solid test- and rollout-strategy. I don't want to test all web-applications two or three times.

With Edge C also available for Windows Server there would be the option to have Edge C as Standard Browser on all Environments.


Here's my suggestion:

1. Start testing with Edge C once it became officially Beta and IE Mode became more solid.

2. Apply all available GPOs and use admin site list to provide a list of URLs for IE mode.

3. Hope that Edge C will be at least RC or Golden State once you start rolling out.


I'm usually a person who never wants to use Dev- or Beta Software, but what else can I do in this situation? Start with 2 Browsers EdgeHTML and IE11 and do all testing and GPO-settings again once stable is released? Actually it's not an option because EdgeHTML is not available for Windows Server and I don't want to have a break between Citrix- and Fat-Client environment.


Any suggestions / opinions?


We want to start rolling out in September 2019.


Thanks, you help is much appreciated :)

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I appreciate you taking the time going into great detail with your feedback.


One of the best things about these preview builds is there will probably be many others 

testing these enterprise type features or rollouts and then also share their feedback or issues 

on here or through the feedback option to help us improve our browsers before final releases.


That being said, with the features like group policies, and site compatibilities you are talking about, 

will probably be so much easier to vision when we have an Enterprise version of our 

new browsers out for testing.


One thing I can suggest now is to maybe start testing sites with the IE mode we have now.


Thanks for your patience,




Hi Frank,


thanks for the update and your suggestions. My discussions with colleagues today ended up with using IE11 from the beginning instead of Edge C, so we don't have to do the GPO-settings again. Once we have a stable Release of Edge Chromium, we simply switch the browser. From the start, we will not allow using any other browser, even EdgeHTML. Will hopefully be approved by the project team on Wednesday.


I'm currently testing with a 77.x Release of Edge C locally, also with GPO-settings. I'm ending up with the Enterprise Admin Site list and the XML-scheme which has been updated once again and I'm searching for a way to go ahead with testing IE mode as you suggested. Currently I can only test manually, not with Site list.


Currently I'm ending up with the IE Mode issue meantioned in the attached screenshot. I'm not sure why this is happening on my up to date Windows 10 Pro with an up to date IE11.