Suggestion - UWP app window around chromium engine

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I think it would be better if instead of the traditional 32-bit desktop window, UWP window is used as the frame as from my experience UWP based window frames loads faster than traditional desktop apps and have support for better built-in RAM management for caching. That way the browser will be fully integrated with Windows 10 while leveraging chromium web engine inside the UWP based frame.


Even when microsoft has curtailed the startup time of browser, it still isn't par with legacy edge browser, which used to load very quickly

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Even window frame transparency can be enabled that way from settings app.

It would be awesome @sauravyad500 Unfortuntely, I don't think Microsoft is going to make this dream come true ☹

They will not do it, because it will break cross-platform compatibility

No they already have to implement different window frames for each platforms.