[SUGGESTION] restrict horizontal movement when scrolling horizontally

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Hi all,


I've been using the Microsoft Edge beta build 79.0.309.11 (Official builddev (64-bit) on my laptop. 

Since it's a laptop, i've been using it predominantly with a touchpad with windows precision drivers. 


While using the browser, I found that scrolling on the touchpad (two finger swipes) often result in some horizontal movement at the end of the swipe, possibly due to my fingers not swiping completely vertical. Might be due to the back and forward swipe gestures too.


This results in quite a jarring experience especially when following text while scrolling. 


May I suggest that if the browser detects vertical scrolling after a certain amount of distance, the horizontal scrolling is automatically disabled? If i'm not mistaken, most touch based devices do this.

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Can't believe this isn't getting more attention, unless it's something that's already been mentioned millions of times and is being worked on.


I keep getting random horizontal scrolls as well, and it makes the whole scrolling experience quite silly. The really annoying thing is that this happens on websites that don't even extend horizontally; even scrolling through Google (ahem, sorry, Bing) search results produces random horizontal movements that make it almost unusable.


I was sad to see no one answered you and found a solution via another thread.
edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling set to 'disabed' solved this annoying problem for me. I really hope you found this already and if not, I hope you read this after so many years.

Great find, thanks for updating!

It does seem like Edge has gotten better at avoiding accidental horizontal movements, or maybe I've just gotten used to it and adjusted my scrolling movements somehow...

In any case I'm glad you updated this, even after all these years! I might use that setting going forward.

@wooshie You can go to edge://flags/ and disable Elastic Overscroll. That will make sure the scrolling movement restricted to vertical only.