Suggestion: Option to Search by Image when right-clicking a picture

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Hi, just another suggestion, this time for image search.

I think it would be nice if, when we right click a picture, there is an entry on the contextual menu to search by image (Maybe using )

This is really handy when you are looking to find the original source of an image, a better resolution, a product (or simply the original context of it), & one that visual creatives & designers may find useful.

For example, google have made this feature available via addon for some reason (maybe because they want to keep the browser as barebone as possible, yet they are not above integrating other features & services, even if they are not useful for non-google account users, like the cloud print, but i'm digressing), & TinEye have made one for chrome too.unnamed.jpg




I think image search is an important way of searching & browsing the internet, having a built-in feature to do so easily (without the need to copy image link, or download/upload into the search engine) would be a nice addition to Edge productivity features (with the added bonus of encouraging users to give bing a try :p , which is - in the context of image search - quite good, at least in my experience).

Thank you, & have a nice day :)

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Hi @AimanJ, This looks like it already exists in the Canary builds.  I am running and see this when I right click on images:

search the web.PNG


It should make it to the Dev channel in the next update

@Elliot Kirk Tried to think of a simple & nice "Thank you" reply; but actually I'm failing; all I can think of is :


Thank you & all of the Edge team for listening, for your effort & the amazing work you are doing :clapping_hands:

Keep it up; & good luck !

PS : For anyone stubling upon this thread, I tried this feature (Edge Canary Version & not only  the "Search the web for image" feature work nicely, it also - whenever possible I suppose - use your preferred search engine to do so.

So if you are using bing as the default search engine, image search is done via bing Image, while if you switched to google for example, image search is done via Google image search.

This is even better than i thought it could be :thumbs_up:

Again, good job, thank you :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: