Suggestion - option to add a sidebar?


Before I was using Opera.

Opera has an option to display and configure a sidebar.

Occasionally when the the browser gets a little of screen, there is hardly any place to grab the browser and drag it back to the middle of screen, especially when many tabs are open, i.e. there is hardly any free space to grab the tab bar at the top.

With Opera I could often grab the sidebar and move the browser around. Personally, I think it is quite handy. Again, it is an option. Vainly searched whether this idea has been submitted before.



SnagIt-16022020 144735.png

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Currently when opening the maxim tabs before the tabs start to shrink and minimizing Edge window as much as possible, this is how it looks like




This screenshot shows the full width of my Full HD screen size.

the orange area indicates the places where you can drag Edge window. you see there are lots of areas.


if you open any more tabs than I opened, those areas will stay the same, just the size of the tabs shrink. it won't change anything else.


if the problem is being unable to recognize the open tabs, then this feature which is about Tab previews should take care of it, once implemented


Plus a scrollable Tab strip, like Edge classic/legacy and Firefox.



I personally would like to see this implemented in Microsoft Edge!