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I have several suggestion of adding "options" to make Edge Chromium more user-friendly

Maybe it's been asked, sorry


- When we click on the red cross (top right) to close the window, to have a warning popup if we have several tabs open (with the choice to close all tabs or just the active tab)


- Have the choice to specify a web page for a new tab


- Adding an option on the right-click of a web page to "create a shortcut"
Currently, there is a "save" option, but it saves the shortcut and the directory containing all the information of the web page, useless


- If possible, have a small separate window when we download a file (with the choice to open or save the file) ,download speed in Mb, a button to clear the list, etc...
Currently, we have a very small information in the bottom left, and to have the speed in kb, it is still necessary to open the page "Download"

If we download a file and close Edge, the download may be interrupted

And it avoids having other windows to open to clear the list of downloads, etc ...


Before I'm told that these are not Chromium options, I know these are not native options to Chromium, but if the browser does not differentiate itself from others, there is no interest :smile:



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We always appreciate all feedback and feature requests, and that's how we can Improve the browser

for everyone.


Some of these features have been getting some attention for sure, or at least getting looked into.







Thanks so much for your feedback and taking into account suggestions