Suggestion: New Tab page new Quick Links on ver 86.0.590.0 suggestion


I noticed that New Tab page Quick Links design is changed on version 86.0.590.0 and I would like to share my feedback that this is bad in terms of visibility and even to aesthetics. The previous design that had a solid square were better in terms of visibility and feels more akin to Live Tiles (even though its not live).


This is the new Quick Links in New Tab page currently in version 86.0.590.0 Dev channel



I suggest to to improve it by bringing back the tile but make it Fluent with Acrylic effect (translucent). And make it complete square with same Live Tile layout for consistency from the Start menu in Windows 10. This is not just aesthetics, but for usability standpoint, it is more clear and visible against any background picture.



Dark theme Quick Links

New Tab - Concept1(dark).png


Dark theme on hover with Reveal Highlight effect 

New Tab - Concept1(dark_hover).png


Light theme Quick Links

New Tab - Concept1(light).png


Light theme on hover with Reveal Highlight effect  

New Tab - Concept1(light_hover).png

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You made a really good work. I hope that Microsoft will keep it in mind , despite their plans of no add nothing of "Fluent Design" on the new Edge.


It is a very nice suggestion. Can you please also send this suggestion (great if already sent) through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge and also other users who like this suggestion in order to get this suggestion a +1 to make it a part of Microsoft Edge in the future.

Thanks! I already submitted feedback as well using the In-app Feedback Tool as you suggest. Hopefully my feedback would be considered as to help out contributing to the improvement the UX of new Microsoft Edge. Cheers!
Thanks! I really do hope they will consider it, considering the latest design is actually a usability issue which is harder to see on a busy background image, also too small and simply the layout provides little information and least obvious to click.

The original squared Quick Links were better in terms of visibility, easily to tell how big the touch target, and it stands out from the background image. Also better consistent (not perfect) to Windows 10 aesthetics.