Suggestion: New option of reading view in Immersive reader

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There should be a new option in the Immersive Reader of Microsoft Edge where we can view pages side by side like a book same as reading view in Legacy Edge and Microsoft Word. I think that this type of viewing will be an easier option to read for many users.

Reading view in Microsoft Word.Reading view in Microsoft Word.

If you like this feature and want it to be the upcoming feature on Edge, then send feedback through in-built feedback(Alt+Shift+I) option in Microsoft Edge or if you are a Windows 10 user and like this feature, then you can upvote it through the feedback hub app by copying the following link and entering it into your browser:
feedback-hub:?contextid=455&feedbackid=1fc95a98-6c4d-46b4-8bb0-  24e5d3ce31a6&form=1&src=1

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