Suggestion - Links of the websites which are installed as PWAs should open in PWAs


Hi! I would like to give a suggestion that if we click on a link for a website that has been already installed as PWA on our system, the link should open in the PWA and not as a normal tab in edge. It would be better because if we can only use PWAs by manually opening them then they don't seem to be of much use.

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It is a nice feature but I think it should be an optional feature because some users like me have PWAs for websites but mostly use the website version. My example is that I have Microsoft Tech Community and YouTube PWA but I mostly use them in the browser because I have to open tabs to do different work at the same time.


Ya, I think that it should work like this that when we install a PWA, it should ask if we want links related to that site to be automatically opened in PWA. That way we will get a choice also.

I definitely agree! Btw there's already an option to open the website in the PWA, you have to go to Menu > Apps > Open on ~PWA name~. After you do that once, an icon will always appear on the address bar to open the page on the PWA.


I have enabled that option but what I am saying is that the links should automatically open in PWAs for the people who choose that option.