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Hello there,


I'd like to propose a new feature: closing or minimizing the main Edge window optionally removes the taskbar element and minimizes the browser to the tray area. My usage scenario often contains multiple pinned tabs with single page applications that I infrequently check for updates (some of them also have notifications). I would like to clean up my task bar by moving some of the applications to the system tray since I am not actively using them. Another use case would be watching a video in picture-in-picture mode, where the browser window is not needed any more to be visible.


I would be very happy to see a "minimize/close to tray" option in the Edge settings page in the future.


Thanks for considering and keep up the great work! The name "Edge" finally stands for a something good! :)




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Just wanted to point out that Edge and Chrome, can both be minimized to system tray whenever an extension/add-on requires them to.
the settings is in here: edge://settings/system

also for managing your desktop, you can use "multiple desktops" feature of Windows 10, very useful and probably a better long term solution

@NinjaSquirrel Thanks for reaching out; we're glad to hear that you're liking the new Microsoft Edge! :)

I think @HotCakeX's answer seems to have addressed your feedback, but if not, just let us know.


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seems there is not any add-on can minimize edge to tray!

@NinjaSquirrel We need this badly for pwa.