[Suggestion] Enable "Read aloud" in new email composition windows


It's super helpful to listen to draft emails read aloud by the web browser. On 79.0.308.1, when I select text in an email draft and right click, there's no "Read aloud" option. I can click on the hamburger menu and read the text. It would be more convenient activate this feature from a right click


The right-click read aloud option is missing in Outlook.com, Office 365 Outlook, and Gmail. The read aloud is also missing from a right click in this text box too. Perhaps it's disabled in all text boxes. 


Thanks for listening and for your development efforts. You and your team have won me over to Microsoft. 

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just wanted to mention that Version 80.0.315.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) is also missing the Read Aloud option in the emails you mentioned.