Suggestion: Decrease Tab and Toolbar spacing Edge Canary 113.0.1753.0

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Using Edge Canary Version 113.0.1753.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Suggestion: Decrease spacing between tabs and toolbar items.

The tab spacing/margin/padding increased since previous builds, making it hard to have numerous tabs.  

Compare this to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to see the difference.


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Yes please. I super am not into this, the toolbar is like twice as big as it was yesterday

Same here. Every couple of versions seem to add more padding to tabs and toolbar favorites. It's horrible
Version 117.0.2045.35


EDIT: Set Settings->Appearance->Touch Mode->Off


Turning off the touch mode in appearance tab will surely fix the problem. It fixed mine.
Follow the steps.
i. Go to settings.
ii. Go to appearance.
iii. Scroll and find touch mode.
iv. Turn it off.
I hope the problem will be fixed after that.