Suggestion: Bring the Save button ahead and the Save as button in ellipsis menu in download popup

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Thanks to the Microsoft Edge team, we have an option before to start the download whether the file should be opened once, save to the default location or to save as in a different location. According to the current design, the Open and Save As buttons appear ahead and the Save and Close button in the Ellipsis (...) Menu.


So, I am suggesting that the Save option should be ahead and the Save As option should be in the Ellipsis Menu(..) as I think most of the users will use the save option.


2020-10-27 (3)_LI.jpg


If you like this suggestion, then please send feedback about it through the in-app feedback tool in Microsoft Edge (Alt+Shift+I) to give this suggestion a +1 and make it a part of Microsoft Edge in the future.

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