Suggestion: Add page up and Page down button to PDF reader in Microsoft Edge

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I have been using Microsoft Edge PDF reader for months now and have been loving it but the problem I find when using different PDF readers such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Teams PDF reader is that there is no page up and page down button in PDF reader in Microsoft Edge. I sometimes want to just go to the next page or the previous page but then I need to manually scroll to change the page, if there is an up and down button then it would just take me to the next page with a click and also align the page properly from the start in the window.


The up and down button will be added to the right of the no. of page indicator and to the left of the find on page button as shown in the image with help of an arrowThe up and down button will be added to the right of the no. of page indicator and to the left of the find on page button as shown in the image with help of an arrow


If you like this suggestion, please consider sending feedback about it through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge from your side as it would give this suggestion a +1 helping it make a part of Microsoft Edge in the future.

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Are you seeing this option in other PDF readers?
As a workaround, you may use PgUp or PgDn key in your keyboard.
I would like add it would be nice like you could make the PDF like reader mode in Microsoft Word which is suitable for tablets too.
What do you think about this?
I like this too, page up and down is not the same.
these arrows would work just like arrows on the keyboard (which already work to go up and down in PDF in Edge)

I can't believe it's 2021 and this isn't a thing yet. Unfortunately my employer forced us to switch from IE to ME and I was surprised to learn they don't have the arrow that IE has had for many, many years. Now reviewing 100-200+ page PDF documents takes FOREVER since I can only scroll with the wheel on the mouse like it's 1999 (using the arrow keys on the keyboard is the same as scrolling). I sent a request for this feature but again I'm not holding my breath. ME has been around for a long time and they don't have it yet, I doubt they will now that we're all forced to use it.

Here is what Edge needs, and I have submitted feedback to them already

  • up down page arrows
  • zoom percentage within Edge PDF toolbar
  • shapes (just bring over the shape menu from word)
  • checkmarks, x's
  • more color options for drawing with an eye dropper and HEX and RGB code color picker
  • Presentation mode that makes PDF's more accessible when presenting
  • click to type text boxes (which they have or are working on) and click and drag textboxes)
    • the difference between click to type and click and drag is that click to type is anywhere and can go one whereas click and drag are limited to the area or box you made. Nothing outside of the box can be typed in.
  • the blue highlight box that lets you know you can type in that area
  • the ability to create and edit PDF Files
What I want is for the Edge team to bring every possible feature over from (mostly) word but also from Powerpoint, excel, OneNote where possible all the features that could help make Edge PDF reader even better. Also for images because when you open images in Edge I would like them to take the features from MS Paint to add to Edge.
they should have a separate team that works on the PDF Reader for edge and also a tablet mode team for Edge because without up and down arrows how could you work with PDFs in Edge using tablet mode.

@TheShaunSaw Use left and right arrow keys. It's been working for me ever since.