Suggestion: Add better support for Windows 10's system media transport controls

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Edge (...) menu => help and feedback => send feedback
Already done it, not that they listen anyway. Posting here so you would see it and maybe star the Chromium bug! And maybe a few other people.
They listen, don't worry, but i don't want to use Chromium website because 1) they show user emails to public which is stupid and a big privacy issue and 2) the site design and how it works is very old.
plus, I only want to make changes to Edge, not all Chromium based browsers.

@HotCakeX In my experience, Google listens to us more than Microsoft. I've said this before lol. We disagree. I've personally never had a feature implemented or a bug fixed by MS. 


Google doesn't show your full email address.


Google is more likely to make the change, even though Microsoft will have the know-how. Monorail's website sucks, but at least there is a bug tracker, which Edge doesn't have.

Well in my case i've seen bugs and feature requests being implemented, both as a result of sending feedbacks using feedback button on Edge and talking to developers directly here,

they do show, if your email is short, they show full email address, I'm seeing people's emails right now on that website. and even showing few letters of it is stupid, not just my opinion, but fact. there are many other ways to identify users. chosen name, username, ID etc.

they track bugs internally, just gotta send feedback.

it's a lot better than a bug tracker website. technically speaking, if you write bunch of texts on a website is less useful than submitting the same bug through browser itself and send all those additional diagnostic data that is sent along with it.

not to mention that you can add custom files, and most important one, the "Recreate my problem" in feedback window where it records your screen and your inputs while you are reproducing the bug.

so no, have a bug tracking where people can just upvote or post texts won't do any good for Edge. it can only be useful for suggestions that usually don't need additional diagnostic data and logs.