Suggest changing a hotkey and report a bug

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Hi, i'm using 89.0.713.0 canary.


Pressing Collection hotkey(ctrl shift y) is  pretty hard even i have a big hand.

How about changing to ctrl shift q?


And vertical tab animation is harsh. i literally can see the frame freeze. it is not buttery smooth.

I also cannot understand why there is a delay opening vertical tab when hovering a mouse over it. There is about 0.3sec delay and it makes me feel edge slow. It would be a lot better if it opens right away.  I mean, look at Twitch. When i hover mouse on it, it is satisfying. 

Screenshot 2020-11-29 202456.png



I hope you listen to my suggestion and report. Thanks

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Twitch's side panel doesn't open/expand like the vertical tabs on Edge, i'm trying it right now.

but I agree the delay in vertical tabs makes it look less responsive. it also closes too quickly, the moment the mouse cursor leaves the vertical tabs, it retracts. so when you want to press the X to close tabs and accidentally move the mouse cursor to the right, you have to reopen the vertical tabs again.