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There is a problem with the new official version of the Chromium Edge. The new tab suddenly became like this.




If I remember correctly, this is Microsoft MSN's promotion al-Greater China business. I've seen it in the old Edge, but now it's back in the new stable version of the Chromium Edge. I've used the BETA DEV CAN version in the Chromium Edge inside program in previous months, but none of them have.


Please ask MSFT's Community Commissioner for a reply, thank you.  :)

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Click the "gear" buttom at the top right corner of the new tab page , select "Custom" , then you can see the option for hiding the news content in the panel.



I don't think the OP wants to hide the news, they just want to get the correct version of news, see my comment below



I could easily reproduce this as well on Edge canary Version 81.0.396.0 (Official build)


so if i use custom layout and then set the news and content language to this, and Only this:

(not sure what it is because I can't read it)




then i get that weird news layout.


All other countries that I tried are like this:





So I think Bing (Microsoft) is obligated (By China government) to show those links at the top to Chinese citizens.

Maybe that's right. OP might want a global version of MSN. But in mainland China, MSN and Bing will be forced to jump to the localized version. In the latest version, Edge's new tab page also displays Bing's Chinese ICP registering information.
Yes, i think China told Bing to do that, as part of a contract or something

Maybe for the legal reason. The search engines and content services must go through some kind of censorship in China, so Bing and MSN need to optimize their content for the Chinese users. Edge uses MSN's infomation to display the new tab's news content , so the weird look appears.

Yes you must be right about that

@HotCakeX  @monstorix 

I turned on my computer last night and found an interesting place.

Like this.


2020-01-18 (6).png


 index 2index 2


index 3index 3


The "custom" button in China is not the same as the screenshot you mentioned above, and the customization in China can even turn off Microsoft's news recommendations entirely, including the inexplicable MSN URL Yellow Pages.






2020-01-18 (2) (1).png


  •  Before


2020-01-18 (3).png



  •  After

But more puzzling things emerged last night to update Ver. CAN 81.0.369.0, a bookmark bar appears above the new tab! This has never been seen in previous inside programs. Although I know That Chrome can set up a new tab to display a bookmark bar, but this time Microsoft let it actively show out, it is true that people are a little unaccustomed    :p


Can't tell what the problem exactly is from your screenshot..


but about the favorite bar, these are the options available.




FYI, I submitted a feedback to the Edge team that there should be an option that can fully disable the news content. Finally they added this function last October.

You can disable the bookmark bar either in the new tab page or globally inside the "Appearence" chapter in the browser settings.

在设置页面的“外观”小节中,Edge 已经提供了隐藏收藏夹栏的相关选项。
不错的工作 :)