Stuff I don't like about Edge with chromium

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I have used microsoft edge as my primary browser for a while now and I love some very small things about it that I cannot find on the DEV version of the Edge with chromium. 

  • Windows Ink
  • Cortana in PDFs (as bad as she might get, at least she does basic stuff just fine)
  • Hovering over tabs to show what's happening in said tab. 
  • The more squared design. I disliked the chrome update which is why I finally uninstalled it as a browser from my computer. 

I would love to see stuff like these make a comeback along with chrome extension support. 

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Hi @punitdaga31, thank you for your feedback.  We are working hard to bring our full feature set to our customers as soon as possible.  I will let our developers know how you feel about the features below.

Thank you.