Strange Mirror Effect But Only on VSPhere

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If I open VSPhere manager and click on a VM to access its console and then click away to another tab and come back I get the attached.  I have tested it on two computers with the same effect.  I have also tested it in Google Chrome and it doesn't happen there...


edge bug.png

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Which version of Edge insider is this happening on?

There is a fix coming this month, you can see it's planned for September in here:

in the first row:
"Website elements are being flipped upside down when switching between tabs"

@HotCakeX Not only when you switch tabs, the same happens when you use dual monitor configuration. If you change Edge from one to another monitor, the images is flipped (mirror)

I think it's kinda the same. changing from one monitor to another or changing from one tab to another, the bug is apparently triggered when user loses the focus of that tab and then goes back at it again.
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Hi @shieldsit, thank you for reporting this issue.  This is a known issue on Chromium, and we have taken the fix which should be available in Canary already.

Thanks, Elliot

@shieldsit   I can confirm this was fixed at least as of build 78.0.272.    So if you're on Canary you should be good now, if you're on Dev, you should have it soon.