Strange font


Strange font in Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)



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I have the same problem in Microsoft Edge Dev Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) @maisondasilva 



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@maisondasilva I have noticed the same issue on several sites. The common factor is that they all use the "Oswald" Google font. You can see the incorrect rendering here:


Edge Canary

Annotation 2019-06-23 210130.png


Chrome/Old Edge/IE 11

Annotation 2019-06-23 210246.png



Definitely a bug. /cc @V-FRROME 



Thanks info and details @gpshonik 

@maisondasilvaNow rendering correctly for me in Version


Same issue with the Comfortaa font and dev.


live site:


Hopefully, once Dev hits 77.0.200, it'll get fixed for both fonts.

@ikjadoon t3jZqW7

FWIW, it seemed to be fine with the regular weight font.

I guess we're waiting another week for the build with the fix!

@maisondasilvaI just use the same website to read tech news and its the same thing...

Hope they fix soon!