Strange bug? Pixelated Edge icon in taskbar

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Absolutely stumped by this one - wondering if anyone has any insight...!


Edge icon keeps appearing as pixelated in my taskbar. It's temporarily fixed by unpinning the icon, then re-pinning it from the app shortcut. Appears like this:



However, as soon as I launch it, the icon pixelates, and ends up like this:



It'll remain pixelated until I unpin, then re-pin the icon - at which point it degrades when first launched again.


I think I first noticed this behaviour when I was testing out multiple profiles (added a second work profile to Edge), at which point it adds the small avatar badge to the bottom left of the icon, and pixelated the whole thing. Even when removing the profiles, the icon remains tainted.


Have uninstalled and reinstalled Edge (Dev), to no avail.


Weirdly, Edge (stable release, not Dev) remains unaffected!



So - is this a quirky bug caused by multiple profiles?

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@Stanley Yau I had not noticed this before I saw your post, but I am also seeing a pixelated icon on 87.0.658.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit).


I checked another computer and I am not seeing the pixelated icon there, so it is not consistent on all my installations.

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Thanks for reporting this! We've identified the issue and are working on a fix.
Glad that I'm not the only one seeing this issue; even better that a fix is already being worked on! Cheers! :)