Still no msedge symbols on the Microsoft symbol server?

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I can't help but notice, there are still no symbols for Edge 80+ in the Microsoft symbol server.  Is this intentional??  Pretty surprising, considering that other Chromium-based browsers release symbols for their builds, and the Edge source is also available at Obviously a hassle to build though...


This has been mentioned previously in the How to get microsoft edge beta symbol topic, but it didn't really get an answer.  It was also mentioned on stack overflow (Symbol Server for Microsoft Edge Chromium), but using JsDbg doesn't solve the issue of missing symbols either.


Anyway, symbols would be much appreciated!  At least for the stable channel, but beta would be very helpful too, so that we can better debug any issues found before the actual Edge release.  Thanks!

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@fprr Thanks for reaching out with that feedback on symbols, and welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community! We'll ask the team about this, and let you know if they have any insights or resources they can share


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