Still issues when I switched to stable with the Version 81.0.416.58 (Official build) (64-bit)

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Hi, I decided to switch from Edge beta to Edge stable as collections went live. Some issues I had, thought that I would report:

I deleted my bookmarks on windows and imported. I then went to my Mac and the bookmarks were duplicated? Also, importing bookmarks slowed down my windows/mac computer to such an extent that it was unusable; I had to force quit. Importing on Chrome was super easy and quick.


Collections does not sync properly; I saw 2 collections title that had 'syncing...' on it.


Also sync is very slow for some reason. On Chrome its almost instant.



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when you import bookmarks/favorites, you need to wait some time depending on the number of your bookmarks/favorites for Edge to sync them. if Edge becomes unresponsive, it most likely is working in the background. once it's done you should see the duplicates going away on both instances. at least this was my experience.

it still doesn't justify the fact that there are serious issues with sync in Edge, that's just a workaround to prevent losing your data.

I'm been having all these sync problems too