STILL broken extension

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This extension is, STILL, broken.  Has been quite a while needing to be fixed.

Scroll button.jpg


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Use another one in the store? there are other ones that do the exact thing. we are using Canary builds so extension developers still have time adapting to these versions.
also the Home button on keyboard can do exactly the same.


Hey, Josh, look, they have it done, already.  Nice!  (Want to be sure Josh sees this, though, it's to & for everyone, of course)

Some good news

I am happy to inform you that this extension has been fixed! The button mode can now be changed/selected, once again as show below.  I knew the Team was aware of it, due to it having a low priority, pleasant surprise to have it fixed, already.  Appearance is quite different,now, but, it works now which, is the most important bit, always.



That's good