Sticky pinned sidebars?


Looking to MS for answers to my question - 

So, we now have pin-able sidebars for Favorites, History etc. Is there any intention to enable them to be made sticky so that they will remain pinned or not after the browser is restarted? This would preferably be by a UI switch setting so users have a choice.

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I'm against inflating Edge with redundant setting options. Let me explain.


First of all I was against your suggestion. Then I checked the "pinning" panels (or Right Sidebars) and I found they were gone after reload. I changed my look and started to support your intention. But then I started to think.


OK, I can stick Collections and has the panel to appear after reloading.

But I want to change it to Favorites (stupid name, it is still Bookmarks to me, to Edge too, as far as file name is concerning).

So I clicked.


What do I do now, as the sticky option is not implemented yet?

I do click, as well.


D'you see a change in Edge behavior? I do not. So new option will be superfluous. Whatever you want to open, whenever you have something opened or not, you have to click to change/open.


I want the Edge to be slimmed down as much as possible. Let decision makings do users' brains, not Edge settings.



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I am sorry but I don't agree with your opinion, which is why I clearly made it an optional choice. Having a checkbox\selector or whatever buried in settings in no way bloats Edge. What is a productivity choice for one person may be bloat for another, but that doesn't mean it needs to be denied for everyone. It was a hugely popular feature in both IE and legacy Edge and "in my opinion" should be available to those who choose to turn it on in the new Edge.
You think about yourself only. There are 100 000 other people with 100 000 other "checkbox/selector options buried in settings" How long list of "checkbox/selector buried in settings" you're going to be able to accept before you'll explode lost under the tons of "checkbox/selector buried in settings"? The wretched paradigm of our times - "I want it, I must have it" - dominates today social layers, alas. I'm sorry but it wasn't my opinion vs your opinion. It was my view vs your urge (to have).
How can that be so if I urge for an option for all and your view is for nothing; seems to me to be the complete reverse?