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I'm receiving the error STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when browsing after update to Edge 84. I'm trying to repro the issue, but it seems to happen randomly. If I hit "Refresh", the web returns to work without any problem.


I'm not using any third party antivirus software, just Windows Security.

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I am getting the same, I think it has to do with Chromium as the same on Chrome but not on Firefox.


If not fixed soon will change default to Firefox.

I am also getting this error and it now looks like it is in FireFox as well. Getting very frustrated trying to find a solution to this issue.

@Da5h-au I am working on a customer's Windows 10 system and have observed the same issue but it actually extends to all Chromium-based browsers, even newly installed ones so the problem therefore logically resides in some shared code that all Chromium-based browsers access on a Windows-based computer, possibly in the registry or some other area. Some posts have suggested changing the browser executable file name to anything other than what it is named. Ex. Chrome.exe >> Chrme.exe, apparently this has worked for some but not for the system I am working on. I then fired up Chromium Edge version and the problem disappeared at least for Edge, I have yet to try Chrome and Opera earlier versions. This is definitely a software bug introduced into either the Chromium code base and or Windows and only affects computers that have a unique set of circumstances otherwise this problem would have broken the Internet with outrage on all of Social Media and support blogs around the globe.

I will update my post if I find a solution and of course anyone please feel free to reply with a bug fix or workaround.

UPDATE: I reformatted and performed a clean install of Windows 10 Home and the exact same problem occurred.

The system was a Lenovo IdeaCentre Desktop, Intel Core i7-4790, DDR3-12800 RAM, Samsung EVO 860 SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 GPU.

I suspect that either the GPU or the motherboard or one of its components(chipset,NIC,sound, etc) is to blame given that I have refurbished or upgraded other systems with the same CPU,RAM, and SSD with no problems.

My workaround was to install a Chromium-based clone called Slimjet browser >>> and to also use Mozilla FireFox.

Hope that helps someone




Edge 87.0.640+  and "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" it exists again on random pages like deviantart.


Windows 10 20H2 19042.508