startup page and the new tab , most visited site and the search engine

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is it too much to ask for ?

i like how the browser is rn

but the start up page is the only downside!

using a local html site is better than the startup page you given us -_-

sssssAnnotation 2019-08-03 093803.jpg

(i am using a local site that give me a text box for the search engine that i want , and allow me to add more items in the page as the most visited site , edited the start up page to open the local page, and with a help from an addon i redirect the new tab to the page url )


btw , this is not intended as a feedback , i know i can already create feedback in feedback hub

it's just to ask everyone who is like me , to give feedback about it , one voice will do nothing, thank you.

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i had to use Infinte Dashboard chrome extension to get rid of the bing bar in the "new tab". Your solution seems better. I am not that tech savy to do it myself i guess...

The "new tab" does not suck that much IMO - i just hate the bing bar you cant change...

Although if you  read around forums you will find dev answering to this topic - and they are suppose to be adding more options to customize "new tab"

I was wanting to do this, but know nothing about HTML. I would love if it was like opera, where you can put a whole page of links on the start page.
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see the attatchments

2 folders


1: move to c root

inside it the home page + background photo

edit the home.html to add as much as you want URLs

it's better to move them to c:/ , i made the ext files use it from c:/ , and normally you have the system on the fastest partition , so c is the best for it

2: extension

you can add it to your browser and it will force opening the homepage in the new tab


and in the browser options change the homepage to file:///C:/home.html

like this