Startup boost prevents usage of command line switches

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I noticed that when startup boost is enabled, it's not longer possible to invoke Edge using the typical Chromium command line switches that can be appended to, e.g., the taskbar icon in order to run Edge/Chromium with certain parameters, or from cmd.
This is because msedge.exe process is running all the time and command line switches seem to be ignored as long as not all browser processes are fully terminated before they are invoked.
As not every command line switch is available as a flag at edge://flags, it would be good to be able to define a set of default/always-used command line arguments at the system settings / place where startup boost is enabled (call it "custom launch parameters" or whatever).

This would really be nice to have. It would also be possible this way to globally append launch parameters this way, even when Edge is invoked by other applications and not your own customized shortcut.
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That's a great suggestion about being able to enter launch parameters in edge://settings/system
it's helpful in the situations you described. also super useful if they added a policy to control and manage that.
if you haven't already, please send this as feedback from Edge feedback button too.

p.s on Edge canary 89.0.713.0, when I use launch parameters related to proxy, like this one
(--proxy-auto-detect) on the desktop shortcut of Edge canary, I have to restart Edge 2 or 3 times for the changes to take effect, so i assume it's also related to startup boost.