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I just put this in 2 MS Tech Forums where I contribute. :folded_hands: nobody gets too mad at me since it's just an interesting OS thing not, an Edge thing.  Oh well, here goes...


Thought I would show what Win10 Start menus can be (& do, soon*). The content is a wee bit different because, one is 1903 & the other is the latest Fast Track Insider Build.  *With the IB can see Start typing to search. This reminds of Win8 when one could just type 'in mid-air' & it would go search after 2 or 3 characters. Well, hit Win (key) and just type.  In the example, I hit Win & typed 'bananas'. Just an alternative to Win+S or going directly to Search; suppose does mean one could go without the Search icon on the taskbar, though, it's often nice to see the whole Search panel/window @ the onset, depending where you want to go @ that moment.

NB: The caveat here is to notice Start's Right Pane is gone :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

Scrolling down would show all the list, of course; these are Snips.


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While I know this is late I wanted to thank you for sharing this information.  It is interesting to see future options prior to them being released.