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Hello community,
I remember on windows 7 with google chrome, when minimizing a window the number of notifications appeared on the minimized window icon, being possible to check the number of unread email messages for example. I used the email page as a shortcut with the feature ("C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ msedge.exe" --app = https: // ......) . Just as they appear on the icons of android applications. I found that if you use "pin to taskbar" by checking and unchecking the feature, it works like a bug.
I use "website as an application" in the company to access the email client. It would be interesting if this feature works normally.

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try installing it as an app in Edge.
go to that website, press Edge's (...) ellipsis button => apps => install

more info:
If I use Edge Cromium in win10 as a shortcut "-app = https: //." It works normally.
But if you use the Edge function to install the site as an APP. This feature does not work.
"It works normally" means you see notification badges on taskbar?
Yes, it works normally. My suggestion for the development team is to be able to have this feature also in "Apps" mode. In other words, when making a website in an app, you can see the notifications in the taskbar icons.
It does work like that already, when I install Twitter as a PWA and pin its icon to the taskbar, i get notification badges. i also enable push notification in my Twitter settings.