Stable to 80.0.361.48 yesterday same as Beta: a bit early??

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Dear reader,

This morning I found out that stable went from 79 to 80 yesterday, which I found a bit early, expecting it to go to 80 on the 26th of February (15 januari relaease + 6 weeks). 

Am I off??

Even more surprised to find Beta still at the same version... :facepalm:

I probably missed something, right?


Regards, Henno.

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everything is normal.

I think first you need to read this article:

Here is the Changelog for Edge stable 80:

Chrome is version 80, after 3 days, Microsoft released Edge version 80 too. they HAD to, because each update fixes serious security vulnerabilities.
and it was most likely the first and last time Microsoft did it, only to align themselves with Chromium release cycle and stay up-to-date with the security patches inside Chromium builds. going forward, Microsoft will stick to their correct release schedule which is every 6 weeks, just like Chrome.

currently, there is a 3 days gap, so after Chrome 80 was released, Microsoft released Edge 80 3 days later. I hope next time it won't be that much and comes down to 1 day.

About the beta channel, it usually lags behind the schedule. when I had been on Chrome beta channel, I had to wait few days before I could get the next major build.
I assume the for Edge it's the same. once Edge Dev moves over to 82, Beta channel will receive its first 81 build :)