SSO pulling domain login for profile and not alllowing AzureAD user when logged in as admin

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When running Edge Beta, Dev or Canary, because i am an Admin when the program automatically logs me in it uses my domain account "Domain\User" i cannot from there login to my Azure AD account to enable synchronization between devices. I try to add a new profile and i cant log into it i get a message saying admin cannot log in. Why is it that admin mode seems more restricted than user mode. I am stuck unable to sync. I have to be admin because i am the IT engineer but i still want to sync my browsers.


Any information on this? is it a bug or a feature?

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My domain\user is my account, so I don't have this problem. I think Microsoft kind of expects domain accounts to be synced to Azure AD using Azure AD Connect.

Sorry I couldn't be more of assistance.

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@dmutsaers We are in a hybrid environment. Users can log on as both SAM and AAD Account on their PC and it logs them into the on-site server. Edge doesnt seem to make that link when done in a hybrid environment unless im missing something.



I'm having a similar issue. By default, when you install Edge (insider) it is logged into the USER\DOMAIN account, which is not eligible for sync. 


The user then has to manually log into their account if they want to enable sync. 


Has anyone found a way to default to the style login? In all other circumstances, USER\DOMAIN and are interchangeable, so this would be hard to explain to our users. 



I think mine is the exact same issue except due to being logged in as an administrator i am unable to sign into another account im locked into the DOMAIN\USER account without sync

I am having this same issue. Our internal login domain is separate from our O365 domain, so we do not want auto-login to the domain\user account but want to allow sign-in for users to add their own O365 account.