SS7: smart bookmark / history and smart search - new shortcut - launch page, open tab, random pages

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Suggestion (SS): 7 Classification: SEARCH

PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 6-7 in a scala 1 (low) - 10 (high)


PS: i use $ as shortcut, because i never use such symbol. obviously american need to find another way xD


To launch website much faster you could add a new option when we add it to bookmark (and obviously for previous links on bookmarks too). last time i told you to add description, now it's time for shortcut. for example if i want to visit missy profile i don't type missy microsoft or microsoft missy or missy. i would simply write <eimis


this features should be available for history too. so i don't need to add a link to bookmark if i want to create such shortcut.


next about open random pages on a website.

if i want to open page 1,2,3,4...10 

i could type $1-10 (you can choose what you prefer) and you open page 1-10.

if i type $$ you open random page like 4, 8, 20, 6, 2 this mean .5 is the amount of tabs and 1-40 the intervall.


similar shortcuts should work even when a current link is opened, in such case i would write for example $-10 and you are smart enough to open next 10 tabs based on current url


now we merge this with the option of %s to search inside a website.

before i start to talk, i want to remember that

1) you need to avoid to create random %s. i want to see only my created %s

2) you need to add option to delete all %s

3) since the problem of 1) you need to add a way to multi select all auto generated %s, by keeping my %s

4) you need add groups, this mean i can create social, science, ... groups and i put %s inside this

5) import export !!!! the most important feature you need to add


ok, back to suggestion. for each %s we have a shortcut. this mean if i have i can create a shortcut <ed 


now we can merge this to what i told you before


i could write "banana AND bere <ed" and you open edge website with banana and bere


if i write "banana AND bere $1-10 <ed" you open edge website with banana and bere, and both have page 1-10 active (= you open 20 tabs).


if i write "banana, bere, cola, drink, ciao, bellaitalia $$0.3" you open edge with random search (for example cola, ciao, bere). 3 tabs because i wrote .3

$$0. means random mode, but i don't set an interval 1-40, so i use 0

banana,bere, ... are the terms that need to be used for search


i could even write "banana <edge <ama <fb" and you open banana in edge, amazon, fb. 


if i use the group suggestion that i sent you before, i could set a shortcut for the group like g1 and i would replace "banana <edge <ama <fb" to "banana <g1"


to make it more interesting you could even add multiple %s, this mean a website with search=xtext+yword+zdate1+wdate2 would be converted in =%s1+%s2+%s3+%s4 and during a search i would write for example " apple + mac + 03 + 05 <pubmed" to search apple title AND mac word AND 03-05 pubblication date.


the shortcut i used are just an example, you need to understand why we need such smart search option in edge. 



other type of shortcuts are for example


<bk to return back to original page (example i visit a, b c, then z--> you show us page a)


<sl5 = select 5 tabs to the left


<sr5 = select 5 tabs to the right


<rr5 = reload the next 5 tabs to the right


<br5 = add to bookmark next 5 tabs to the right


<cr5 = add to collections next 5 tabs to the right


<wr5 = move next 5 tabs to the right in a new window


<pr5 = save pdf next 5 tabs to the right


i think now you understand the concept. a quick way to add, save, open, go next, go back, random tab, etc. 


and thanks to the bookmark shortcut that i wrote at the beginning with

<<s i could access setting

<<e extension

<<% my %s



This would be a jump in productivity. no one is offering this.



i already wrote you that a lot of feature are missing like reload to left right and similar, move tab to left to bookmark or to a new windows, close tabs to left, mute tabs to the right, mute other, merge windows, etc (check other post).. if you don't want to add it to right click (which is normal, because having 1000 options is not the best way too, this is why i suggested a manager for right click), add it at least as optional option in menu bar, because in such case we can use such menu bar options with keyboard maestro and bbt. then we can enable touch gesture to use such shortcut too.

if you don't add it to menu bar, we cannot do it.


here some example of shortcut (skip the duplications...)




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