SS6 A new browser revolution for extreme productivity - crazy workflow boost

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Suggestion (SS):Classification: WORKFLOW - PRODUCTIVITY

PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 8-10 in a scala 1 (low) - 10 (high)

WARNING: this is not a suggestion for average user with normal workflows.

Do you want to make a big difference compared to other browser?

Do you want to make a browser for pro extreme user / business people / etc? Implement this feature and you will no 1, you even beat ghostbrowser, sessionbox workspaces, webcatalog, firefox or opera.


here an example. you integrate a multi container in session box, firefox, webcatalog or ghostbrowser style, but you integrate a mix between edge and webcatalog too (or something like opera).


what does this means? we can have multiple windows (or we can call it workspaces) and multiple tabs inside the same window (no need to see 100x edge windows etc.). if you want, you can use groups too, but these have huge limitations at the moment (if used only inside a normal edge). they would be useful in such workflow (especially if you integrate it in ghostbrowser style).


do you use 30 tabs in 1 window and do you want to have 10 other workspace in the same panel (or maybe even 20) --> you will have 300+ tabs in totals.


type of usage:

1) with multicontainer integration users can do everything; for example they can use multiple container inside the same workspace 1 (example "E" white in the picture) but even in other workspaces (you just use different accounts for each container in different workspaces)

2) use each workspace with 1 edge profile, this means if you have 10 left tabs (workspaces) you use 10 edge profiles.

3) a mix between 1-2 where you use the same edge profile on every workspaces and then you use only one account as multicontainer inside each workspace or even more complex with 9 workspace with same edge account and the last with a different account

4) use different groups in each workspaces

5) use a mix between 1-4

6) other (the limit is only in your ideas)


what should workspaces offer?

  1. a different theme for each workspace, like if i install 10 different chrome extensions (new designed tab) or 10 different themes. same like what you see in the picture, where workspace 1 is white, 2 is black, (3 would be green, 4 in blue, 5....).
  2. a way to set open tabs x,y,z,w, at launch on workflow 1, without opening it on workflow 2-9
  3. easy way to duplicate a workspace
  4. easy way to add a new workspace (for example i can just click on workspace 1 "add tabs to the right to a new workspace"). at the moment we miss such feature in normal edge too (both for left, right or other). this would be a bit similar like select x tabs, drag such tabs out by creating a windows and then click cmd m to create an union of both windows with tabs on the left.
  5. a way to import export workflows setting
  6. do we want to transfer a link from workspace 1 to 2? we just drag the link to 2....
  7. do we want merge workspace 1 with 2? we drag w1 to w2 and you create a merged workspace (if needed even with a notification "are you sure").
  8. ability to open history selection directly in a new workspace, same for bookmarks
  9. ability to pause loading tab for a workspace at all, but you still keep all tabs in the bar
  10. ability to add incognito inside a workspace.
  11. if i drag drop 30 links from apple notes to the icon +, below the last workspace, you create a new workspace with 30 tabs
  12. same like 11, when i do cmd c and then i do cmd v other the +
  13. ability to create premade workspace for microsoft products
  14. a way to use a workspace only for collections
  15. workspace store, where people can share it (if this is limited only for a specific configuration of open tabs)
  16. workspace only where we find panel like /setting /extension /download, etc.
  17. ability to add personal images to the workspace icon
  18. ...

if this with multiple edge profiles is to complex, you can do it with 1 edge profile by adding all what i told you before.



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