SS44 and PP2: delete account directly without switching page - saved email accounts / password

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Suggestion (SS): 44 Classification: ACCOUNTS
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 7-8 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)




I have already reported problems related to addresses and saved information to edge and google devs, other users sent similar suggestions too.

Now what i want from devs is that they implement something to delete account faster and directly without need to visit




Especially accounts related to specific websites.


so a way that you add a button remove and a button remove all near 




plus a way that once we click remove we see - near each account (like google).


you don't need to add this email to such website again next time. if we want that, we need to click save next time or do it manually.


PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 8-10 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

Edge Devs still need to fix the problem of wrongly suggested emails (you show me email i never used on such website), like the problem that auto compilation of password doesn't work at all (even if the option to save such information is available). i already wrote you about that in the feedback app.


i don't see any popup save password like google, and i don't see any option to save later the password, if for example we forgot to click save password on this popup. Google launched a new icon to save password later. 






We need to remember ***1142281

WontFixing due to c1. The Password Manager is considering adding more features in the future, that could allow you to save a password without requiring you to visit the site. In the meantime you could use the experimental chrome://flags#PasswordImport feature to import passwords from a CSV file to achieve a similar effect.


so google will improve password features. 


PS: c1 is

Thank you for filing the request, but as you mentioned, the entire password manager experience is read-only in Incognito for privacy reasons.
But an alternative request that maybe helpful instead is having an interface to add a password to password manager in regular mode without navigating to the website.
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@edgesuggestions Actually, at the top, when we click on our profile picture there should be an option to "Delete account."
Do you expect everyone to use OCR to understand the texts in the picture? because not everyone knows italian