SS41: Add Sync to Flags

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Greetings, Insiders, and welcome to mine and edgesuggestions's 41st suggestion! :smile:


Suggestion (SS): 41 Classification: Syncing and Flags

Importance in my opinion: 8 on a scale from 1 (very low) to 10 (extreme)


So, adding to this list:





We should be able to sync our flags.


Like this:

See the same flags when you switch between devices.




Edit: Thanks to HotCakeX, I have seen that flag sync will not be added. Please, Microsoft, add this.

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Flags is not intended to be used by a regular users so syncing of the flags will never be added - nobody will spent the time to implement a feature that will be used by less than an a percent of users.
This kind of suggestions is just litter the forum.

What's the point of suggesting useless features that will never be implemented?

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Edge team already answered it here:

Try searching before making a new topic in case it's already been asked/answered.

flags are not managed by edge profiles, but by the whole app. Flags are not saved inside .app too, because for different mac user you need to reactivate such flags (like reported before), no matter which edge profile you use. 

@HotCakeX Thank you for explaining what the person-on-the-top did, but in a friendly manner.
Anytime! (: