SS4: right menu management - remove items manager

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in other post i suggested you to manage right menu related to extension. per default extension add items to this. more extension you install, more longer will be the right menu = it takes hours to find the right option and you need to scroll 100km too.


i suggested you to add a manager for this, so i can disable specific extension. (yes i know, some extension allow that in the setting, but i still a pain to open 100 setting to check that, and maybe is still not available at all). without considering that i need to do that for each edge profile.


now there is another problem. edge (like other browser too) show me a lot of things that i don't want to see in right menu (maybe i want to see it only on my menu bar or other). so please include in this right menu manager even an option to remove edge default commands!



in this case you could delete translate, leggi alta voce, trasmetti, stampa, salva, aggiorna, indietro, inoltra ---> or better you simply keep add to collections....


i know the right menu is not always the same, so we need to configure such option different time. 


but this doesn't matter, because what i told you to skip before, you should skip from all my right menus. once i configure right menu for photos, then i will just remove other items that i don't need.


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