SS38: screenshot based warning - color tabs - reload - download status on tabs

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Suggestion (SS): 38 Classification: warning - download on tabs
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 4 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


Edge devs, i wrote you before via feedback app, but i continue the topic here, so that other chromium based devs can read it too.


We talked about reload by domain and why such feature is cool and useful. now a similar suggestion is that you detect all website that has the same identical layout (so screenshot based). if i click via menu bar or right click menu "warn me based on this website" you color all tabs that have the similar layout/design.


related to the picture, you warn me if the link has not be saved correctly on all other tabs. now about this website we generally** can see such problems via the icon in the tab, but there are a lot other examples, where we need to check manually, otherwise we batch close not completed websites. 


**there are still situations where the icon is not a valid method to know if the website (in this case webarchive) completed the task correctly or not.




this was another example we talked via feedback app where maybe a better integration between "smart screenshot warning" and "reload tab" should happen.


another suggestion related to this is to show me on the tab an icon --> that marks you are downloading files from such tab and once the download is done, you color it in green.


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