SS37: scrollable bookmarks bar

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Suggestion (SS): 37 Classification: bookmarks bar
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


I already told you different suggestions about bookmarks bar for example here but even in other post too. 


I already told you about favicon extension bar in safari too.


Now what i want is that the bar is able to do what favicons can. If i add 400 links, and each section contains a workflow (for example link 1-50 workflow 1, 50-75 to 2, etc...) i want to scroll such bookmarks, so that i can see workflows link directly. instead of seeing a-g in the bar and h-z hidden, you need to hide a-g (left), show me h-o and hide p-z (inside >> to the right).


i still wish i can add custom color to folders in the bar; replace javascript icons with a text (example P for pocket) or an icon (pocket), etc. see more here


PS: pin javascript links! they are already on the left. so if i visit workflow 2, i want to see my 4-8 javascript on the left, not that you hide it. so we need a feature "pin urls" too, but i already told you about that in other post too (especially pin to the right).


your bookmarks bar should work a bit like my touchbar. i have pinned things on the left and right, and i scroll things in the middle. 

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Don't you really understand that they would not implement features that they think should be implemented by extensions? What's the point of the 35th 37th (!!) suggestion of the feature (more applicable to the previous ones) that will be used by 1% of users if they will implement it? Most likely all of these suggestions can be implemented in extensions, what's the point in over bloating a web browser? It already consumes enough resources.

@msekmfb1 extensions and bookmarks bar are not editable by other extensions, and this is the huge limit of chromium based browser compared to safari (i don't mean this ** safari 13/14, but real safari with all features implemented before they launched mojave) and firefox.


PS: some extensions are able to create a sort of "extension specific bar" but doesn't work like safari style and google devs refused to allow extension devs to create a safari style bar (see chromium or just here: As of right now, we want to keep only the Omnibox/extension badge/navigation bar, and bookmark bar. Multiple extension bars would quickly clutter up the top part of the UI and reduce the amount of space for the web content itself and as such, we have no plans to implement something like this.). This topic is still not related to scrollable bookmark bar.

If I remember correctly, you can just start typing the letter to filter bookmarks by the letter in the context menu in any Chromium browser, or by using search button in the favorites popup in the recent Edge Canary (and Dev?) builds.
As I said previously, the %% percent of your suggested features will not be used more than a 1% of users if they've got implemented, plus every big project has a road map and feature tracker, and there's infinitely low odds that is would be corrected. If there's a feature that is wanted a lot of users (40-50% at least) for a long time, it would've added a long time ago.
So, that is the point of extensions - a web browser should be just a essential web browser, of course with many useful basic features to work with the web site content, all things that out of the scope should be implemented by the extensions.
And, in addition to that, there's no reason to make a Firefox or Safari from Edge - yes, Chromium UX is not ideal, but that does not mean that Edge or any other browser should became a Firefox (which UI is a somewhat over bloated TBH)/Safari clone.

@msekmfb1 i understand your point, see for related comments to this topic

70% tags, 30% useful actual contents.

anyways, the new favorites button, takes care of scrollable favorites bar, specially when it has Sidebar.