SS34: smart auto quit mode - multiple edge profiles

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Suggestion (SS): 34 Classification: QUIT
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 3-4 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


i already use different quit apps to manage my 9000 mac apps. i use it for edge too, but there is a problem. i can only tell quit after 10minutes, or 60 minutes or....


if now i have 40 edge profiles, i wish i could set quit after 10minutes for profile 1, 30minute for 2, never quit with profile x.... if 2 profile are active (example 10 and 30 minutes) you use 30minutes.


would be a much better way to control ram, cpu. 


already macos quit app feature is HUGE limited, and apple has no idea to improve it.


maybe edge can help 




another option is to only quit profiles without quit edge app or a smart way to switch profile, like keep only 1 profile each time: if i launch a new one, close the other. 

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@edgesuggestions But... All these suggestions only suit you. What other suggestions do you have that suits other people in this community? The Edge team can at least consider your high-priority suggestions and decide if needed or not. Also, if Edge has too many features (some of which are not even needed) then it will become an unwanted, unneeded feature-cluttered browser.


i told edge devs that i will report all type of limitation and suggestions i discover during my workflows, they can keep it has idea, no need to implement all. i just write all what i discover. i know that maybe a lot average user don't need so detailed features. i still think that for edge devs is a + to hear both average and pro usage suggestions. i know that a lot of features are available via extension too. To be correct i hope that google implement such features (available via extension), edge can choose. The reason? because in edge there is still the extension box, on chrome i have the problem of max 20-25 extension on the toolbar, without any way to access all others.


At the end i lived all these years with such limitations, like i need to cohabit with all limitations inside macos. About datahoarding, probably such things are on the end of the edge list, because "no one, or only few" matter about hoarding. I give ideas, they can pick what they want. 


Last time i told them too, for me the most important feature is "ability to transfer from chrome to edge". all other is secondary (except the box of 10-12 x Y extensions**). this is why i use 50+ browser, every browser has other features.


PS: i don't do it only with edge, but even with 400+ mac apps devs. obviously if i submit a list of 400+ suggestions, like i did with apple, i don't expect every suggestion is implemented. But even that 400 of 400 are not implemented too. Because i still think inside my current 200+ edge suggestions there are things other user wants too (example if you search "close to left", there are different posts).


** this is the main reason why i use edge as main browser near chrome, safari and firefox. before chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu remotion i used edge only rarely.

@edgesuggestions Ok, ok. Whatever. :( You hurt my feelings.
That's not how I nor anyone I know uses Edge.
but I see how optimized Edge is on high end and low-end hardware that I own.