SS27: smart switch setting and smart + button (for open new tab)

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Suggestion (SS): 27 Classification: TAB - SETTING
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 7 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

First add a quick way to switch between download / extension / bookmarks / history 

in the style of brave



but maybe more compact


Maybe add custom option too, so that i can add edge://settings/searchEngines?search=google to this list too, or edge://settings/downloads or ... or easy access to flags




Second you should improve



this mean if i click cmd, alt or ctrl you do specific things:


  1. open in incognito with ctrl and +
  2. open home page with alt
  3. show a list of top pages if i click cmd + (example pubmed, google images and then i can choose which of these three. this is like having 4 different home webpages.

or you can even add the way "if i click alt you open a new tab with the edge profile xxx" (even if i'm using yyy now). Or the same, but you show us the list of accounts (like i wrote in 3), so we can choose and we don't configure "open new tab in edge account xx with alt and +"




here an example of what i mean, from czech devs. now i haven't checked all other browser. i just tried some random browser on my mac to see if someone integrate it, and the first random browser that i launched has this feature available (just a bit limited)




another option is to open a tab to the left if we click shift and +


other example for smart +:

  • open in new group
  • open next to the current tab (but is better to integrate a whole option for this)
  • open in new window
  • duplicate all tabs from the current group you use to another group
  • open a group of tabs at the same time (same like 3. but by using specific groups that we can configure). maybe without need to add a specific setting where we define the links, but just an option in bookmarks. so an option "add this folder in new tab smart group". then we can add 5-10 folders.
  • reopen last closed tab



just another thing i noticed now



seznam home button is cool, is not the classical home button like all other browser have.... 


PS: not important for me (at the end there is no improvement in my workflow), but maybe for someone else 


such smart features with cmd etc. can be applied to 



too, where you show us different websites (like i wrote in 3. )






you can even add this smart button to



so with ctrl (or other keys) and < we go back to the first page we opened (not only the previous).


or you can use cmd < to go to the tab to the left and cmd > to go to the tab to the right.

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The way Edge legacy handled History/Favorites/Downloads/Collections etc is more desired

@HotCakeX sorry, i don't use pc, so i don't know how it looks like. is something like a drop menu or trackpad gesture based?

Yes, I also desperately want that sidebar containing all History, Favourite, downloads etc at one place. Hope edge team will look into this and implement that soon.



This is the sidebar, some people call it the Hub too.

Reading list and Books obviously need to be replaced with Collections and other upcoming features.



@HotCakeX  This made me smile. The HUB of classic edge is nothing like anything before. The sheer convenience of it is unbeatable. 


The people who worked on classic edge, if you are reading this, know that you guys built awesomeness. Any other browser still feels prehistoric. Classic edge was a style statement !