SS24: add to bookmarks: search and collapse

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Suggestion (SS): 24 Classification: Add to Bookmarks
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

  • Add an option to collapse all subfolder at once in add to bookmarks panel
  • Plus add option collapse main bookmarks and other bookmarks too, without need to go to the top for example. this should happen much faster with 3 new buttons.
  • Add a search feature inside add to bookmarks. now if we write "I" this doesn't work immediately, since you rename the link as I. if we click somewhere other, you don't show us the correct result too, we need to be sure that we first click bookmark, and then we can see "I" for the main folder as result.
    Would be much faster and better if i can search for folders.

UPDATE FROM EDGE DEVS: We're working on your feedback.

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