SS23: smart add to bookmarks suggestions.

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Suggestion (SS): 23 Classification: Bookmarks
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

i already reported you the auto bookmark feature based on specific rules i configure now another cool option is smart suggestions. If edge detects that all (or most) of the subfolders inside a




always contain same domain, but with different web addresses, you should show us the folder A once we click choose other folders (inside add bookmark). This means we don't need to scroll every time to the folder A (or using other methods to reach folder A). You should show us directly folder A. Then we simply select a subfolder or we create a new subfolders.


PS: this only once we activate the option "smart bookmarks suggestions" inside setting. please avoid to add this as default setting. 



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It rarely, I mean really rarely happens when a favorites folder I create has lots of websites from the same domain.
usually a favorites folder organizes multiple websites (which have different domains) into a single place.