SS22: manage extension inside setting

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Suggestion (SS:( 22 Classification: extension
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


First: i only discovered now that there is no option inside


(this because i use a bookmarks folder to access favorite setting too)


we need to do via --- or shortcut


please add menubar option


2) ability to select different extensions and click disable all

3) like 2 to remove

4) like 3 to activate

5) if i search xxx i should be able to do 2-4 (or at least 2-3) without need to select search result extensions.

6) temporary disable all extension if google login doesn't work due to conflict with extensions, something like *** disable-extensions-tempor/lcfdefmogcogicollfebhgjiiakbjdje? (so once login is done, you auto reenable the extensions.

7) if i remember correctly i already wrote that (but i'm not sure): ability to add extension to groups. then ability to do 2,4 on groups. If possible once we reactivate such extensions you should keep original position on the toolbar or extension box. if an user wants to reset the position after each activation, he should activate the option "reset after installation".

NEW ADDED 8) installed extension


should NOT appear as 1x Y list. please add a grid list, which would solve the issue that we need to scroll 100km (especially when we need to search an extension without a real search of the term, so we need to scroll to find it).


*** since i cannot post 3. links, you need to recreate it by changing the part in chrome store.

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You can change site access for each extension in the extension settings of Edge: edge://extensions/

for the rest there is right-click on extension => manage extension => disable/enable/all other options

also, an English screenshot would help more so everyone would understand what's shown there.