SS21: Extension Box Menu: search, pin, size and chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu topic

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Suggestion (SS): 21 Classification: EXTENSION
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 6-8 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)


About this topic i already reported you some points before:

PS: for (+) and * see comment at the end.

  • box in 10-12x Y size
  • less space between extensions (this even inside the box, so you can reach a 10-12x 20 box like all other chromium browsers)
  • avoid to follow opera, chrome canary trend (again about chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu). If some devs have no idea of what i'm talking, search it on google, since they express that 3. links should not be posted anymore, or check chromium discussion directly. If you have some idea to implement that, then remember to allow user to choose, so it depends if they want to use it or not. Don't force pro user to follow a downgrade feature (+). Users should always have the ability to choose how to configure different settings. If needed they activate such setting, otherwise they keep it disabled.

Now about the box, would be cool if you can implement 



a search on the top, this would more helpful to search inside 200-400 extensions, compared to what google did with the 1x400 list. There was no search function at all last time too. Now i don't know, because i skip new version of canary and opera at all.

Obviously user with 20 extensions don't use such feature at all, they see all extensions on the toolbar.


This means that the extension box should be identical to old chrome, brave, etc. with an additional search box. if you want to allow to pin 10-12 extension on the top*, would be useful too. this means these 10-12 extension are always on top, no matter the size of the window, display or screen resolution. If no enough space is available on the toolbar, you put the other extensions just under the first pinned row (like you do now). 

But i think search function is much more important. 


*this is a bit the same like firefox allow us to do, but we all know firefox extension manager works totally in a different way.

(+) especially because a lot of chrome extension are able to do the same job much better, so this is just a bad copy of available extensions.


PS: i know you can still order all extensions, even those in the box, but it's a painful process, and still doesn't resolve the problem with a lot of extensions. I think even with just 100 extensions (like with a lot of my accounts) it would help us to quick open extension without need to use shortcuts. 


I need to say that reorder extensions inside the box is still easier compared to few other browser, so thanks for that edge. 

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Edge has a fluid toolbar where extension icons are located, moving the address bar left and right, it pushes the extension icons to go to ellipsis menu, this is really convenient and even though I have lots of extension icons, still don't feel the need for extension menu in the toolbar.